What To Do Before Your Photo Appointment

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The purpose of the photos is to let the potential buyer see themselves in the home and to show off the home's best features; a lot of "stuff" can distract from those features. The following generalized list will aide in achieving a positive outcome. It is suggested to start this several days prior to your scheduled photo appointment.

The basics: 

  • Replace all burned out light bulbs both inside and outside the house.  New type white/daylight bulbs are best for photos.  

  • Hide the clutter.  

  • Remove excess furnishings and knick-knacks from rooms.  Large amounts of furniture and decorations do not generally photograph well and can distract from the homes features. 

  • Pick up throw rugs and runners in entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms so that the floor can be clearly seen. 

  • Wash the windows, if possible, remove sunscreens. 

  • Vacuum, mop and dust. 


Home Exterior:  

  • Remove all vehicles from the driveways and do not park directly in front of the house. 

  • Move garbage and recycling cans out of sight. 

  • Remove all garden tools, hoses, and clutter. 

  • Pick up after your pets.  

  • Mow the grass, rake up leaves and debris, pull weeds and remove any dead vegetation. 

  • Sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios. 


Swimming Pools and Spas: 

  • Sweep dirt off the bottom and skim off the debris floating on top.  

  • Remove the cover, pool sweep, floating chlorine dispenser and pool toys. 

  • Straighten lounge chairs, put away cleaning tools 

  • Turn on any pool water features. 


Living & Family Room: 

  •  Conceal exposed cables and cords as best that you can. 
  • Remove clutter, personal photos, toys, magazines, remotes, etc. 

  • Dust and vacuum.  Dust can show in a photograph. 

  • Wash any glass surfaces including table tops, cabinet doors and windows.  Smudges and dirt on glass will be noticeable in the photographs. 

  • Straighten pillows and throws. 



  • Make the beds neatly.  

  • Tidy up, dust and vacuum. 

  • Remove items from bedside tables, books, magazines, pictures, clock radios, etc. 

  • In the secondary rooms put excess toys/items out of sight, take posters and drawings off the walls, etc.  


Kitchen and Dining: 

  • Put small appliances, knife blocks and kitchen gadgets away and off the counters 

  • Remove photos, notes, papers and magnets from the refrigerator. 

  • Clean the major appliances, refrigerator, oven, stove top, range hood, and dishwasher. 

  • Wipe down the counter tops. 

  • Don't leave any dirty dishes in the sink or sponges, dish towels, dish soap or the like near the sink. 

  • Move trash cans out of site.  

  • Dust the furniture and vacuum the floors. 



  • Clear off the counter tops; toiletries, tissues, hair products, just about everything should be put away. 

  • Remove personal care products and children's bath toys from the shower and tub. 

  • Close the lid on the toilets. 

  • Mirrors and shower doors should be clean. 

Day of your photo shoot:

  • Turn on lights, turn off fans. 
  • Open blinds, shades and curtains.
  • Remove vehicles from driveways
  • Hide city trash and recycle bins
  • Turn on any pool water features. 
  • Breathe...